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The following dates are consequtive Saturday & Sundays. The LONG Range shooting Seminar is held on Saturdays, The handloading class in on

Sundays. Class begins @ 9 Sunday class begins @ 12:30Saturdays am. These dates are classes being held in the Bass Pro Shop's seminar room, Sevierville, TN

April 14,15 ~ June 2,3 ~ August 4,5 ~ Sep 1,2

Registration forms will be posted several weeks prior to class date.

Class Fee's MUST be received no later than 14 days prior to day of class, per US post mark! 4 students required, pre-registered to have class.

These are the normally scheduled local classes. However: The most popular option has been for me to travel to you/your groups area:

And this is how you get a FREE CLASS.

If you and or your group desires a LONG Range Shooting, Precision Handloading or Wilderness skill course in your- area contact me. You and I will work together to to form the class, announce for it etc. For your part in this the class and finding a suitable location/facility- you attend for free.

Work Ref WWa

 To Whom it may concern,

 I am writing you today to recommend Tres Moncret for a position within your company. I am a manager for Wildwater Ltd, an adventure company that operates on several rivers in the southeast, and I have worked with Tres for two seasons on the Pigeon River in Hartford Tennessee. He is an extremely reliable guide who is competent on the water and excellent with our guests. He has the ability to win over the toughest guests and show them a great time, this to me is one of the most important attributes I look for in a guide. I feel he will be an asset to any company he works for.


Suzanne Stewart

WildWater Ltd.




Work Ref A

To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Tres MonCeret these past weeks on a reality series for 3net, titled, Secrets of the Mountain People.  As the show runner, I depend on Tres to complete his tasks in time for physical production, manage his workflow and to assist in the physical production and construction of unique builds for this process driven show.  Tres was a pleasure to work with; he is steady in his energy and his approach and very dependable.  Tres is a man with a can do attitude and even while away from his home town he proved himself to be wildly resourceful and a pro at expediting a solution.  It is a pleasure to work with a solution oriented team player, which is exactly what you get when working with Tres, which I will do again the first chance I get.  Please feel free to contact me as a reference.

Warm regards,

Andrew Lipson

Show Runner

Secrets of the Mountain People/ 3net


Work Ref B

To Whom It May Concern:

 I recently worked with Tres on the Discovery/Imax/Sony documentary reality series, Secrets of the Mountain People. He was a key member of our crew, serving as both a production assistant with the build team, and a survival consultant for the producing team. Tres is one-man powerhouse. His impeccable work ethic and “can do” attitude went a long way in helping us reach our production goals. He is as dependable as he is resourceful. It was a real pleasure to have him on set.

Please feel free to contact me for a reference.


 Rafael Monserrate

Senior Producer

Secrets of The Mountain People “



Best Survival Book Ever


The Best Survival Manual I have read...


Hey guys,

I am asked all the time what is the best survival book/manual is.

Well I recently finished a book that wont tell you how to start a fire, set a trap or what medicine is in an Oak, but It still has taken #1 place in my mind as the best survival book I have ever read.

It's called "Faith Hunt" by Gary Keesee


This guy had hunted like 8 years in a row without getting a deer. He's out there again on opening day and God says to him "Why don't you trust ME for your deer this year?"

He said okay and for the next 16 year God took him on a deer hunting journey thats miraculous not to mention incredible. God used Deer hunting to teach this husband, Father & pastor how to have HUGE faith- like the heroes in the bible had. And then to teach it to others.

I'd call this book life changing. I wish I could buy 1000 copies and hand them out free to anyone that would really read it.

I learned that most people don't pray correctly. They merely BEG God for things. And I learned that I was a begger of God too and while FAR(!!) from perfect- I have been in church learning about these things literally all my life.

I learned that when I pray to God He is OBLIGATED to respond and answer my prayers. God OBLIGATED to me? I was offended on behalf of God when I first read that. But as I read on, prayed and reflected I came to understand it to be true. Not because of me that I am anything, but because of Who God is, His nature and what HE put into place in His created world.

I beg you to get you a copy and not read but study through it as well. What guy here does not like to read good hunting stories??? Also if any of you do get a copy- get you a little note book and keep it with the book. Take notes as you go from the first page. I wish someone had told me that.

This guy went from being skunked for going on a decade to practically having deer on demand. And it wasn't about deer in the big picture obviously- It was about living in the victory and power of Jesus as we are supposed to for serving others and ultimatly Him.

For the skeptic... I don't know Gary Keesee and I don't make one cent if his book sells or not. My dear sweet mom was looking around in the Christian book store one day. She saw a book with a deer on the front. She flipped it over and read the back cover and thought "Hmm- Tres might like that." So she bought it and gave it to me. That how I ended up with a copy.

I'm figuring most of you will kinda raise an eyebrow at my suggestion and it will soon be forgotten. But for yourself and your own family and friends I strongly encourage you to follow up on this. Please don't pass this one up folks.

Lastly, Please forward this to all your friends. Maybe Hunting is not their thing. So what? God could have just as easily used fishing or golf or the stock market to teach somebody this. It applies to us all, and I for one desperately need American men especially American fathers to learn and put these principles into effect in their daily lives.

God Bless.


"Tres has an extraordinary ability to explain the mysterious science of long range shooting. If you need to understand all of the factors that effect shooting from 400 to 1400+ yards this is the class for you. I think this guy will be one of the names you will hear in the future as an instructor that is a must to train with."
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