From a Nationally Certified Trainer

I attended the long range class in Nashville this weekend and I must say it was the most informative and useful class I have "ever" attended. I feel like I am a better shooter with all the info I received even before I pick my rifle back up.

I am a Nationally certified Trainer and have been to numerous Train the Trainer classes as well as The Ritz Carlton training classes. I believe Tres was as good as Ive heard at disseminating the information in a manner that was easy to understand and put in practice. Its much easier to teach this while at the range with the rifle to demonstrate and get immediate feedback, but Tres has a way of communicating with each student individually and you feel like you are the only person there. It feels like 1 on 1 training.

I intend to have a class in my hometown so others can benefit from this extremely professional trainer.

Thanks again Tres and I hope the Lord continues to bless your efforts.

Robert  Lee

Tuscaloosa , Alabama