Let's ALL stop doing it wrong. (wind call verbage)

Let's ALL stop doing it wrong. (wind call verbage)

All of us use the name of a wind from 45* or 1:30clock as "half value" when most of us know the sine to get our needed correction is .707.

Imagine the confusion that gives new shooters. Imagine the confusion elementary school kids would have when a teacher asked what is 1/2 + 1/2? -expecting an answer of 1.414!

I learned early on we CALLED it a "half value wind" but actually HAD TO multiply our FV wind data by ~.707~ to get our corection for """"""Half Value"""""".

I don't know where the very first shooting instructor that started teaching us this screwball way got their schoolin, but where I went to grammer school 1/2 is .5 and .5 is 1/2.

Imagine telling a class full of grade school kids who was about to learn fractions for the first time "Class for todays lesson, when I SAY 1/2 you just are supposed to know I REALLY MEAN 3/4. So I better not hear anyone saying 1/2 + 1/2 is 1. Nope the correct answer is 1 & 1/2."

What??? But yet that's what we do & insinuate to new shooters.

Here's an example of a pretty typical wind ref. sheet out of a data book:
competition shooters wind reference sheet


So you see on the wind clock that a wind at 45deg. / 1:30clock is called "HALF value." So that sounds really simple & is self explanatory- a real no brainer!

Take our full value wind data for this shot and half it for this 45deg wind. That's simple, quick and easy and TOTALLY WRONG.

We actually take the FV wind data, and multiply it by EXACTLY .707 to get the data for this shot. [.707 is very close to .75 or 3/4, hence my proposed new wind call name below]

So we see that we call this wind one thing, but do the math with another thing and there goes simplicity and K.I.S.S. principles right out the window. Not to mention it needlessly complicates things for the new comer.

Here's what I propose as the new standard in the educational industry for shooting:

A. For the rookie to novice LR shooter:

Wind direction (Degree/clock), Term, Sine
0*, 12clock "No Value" N/A
45*, 1:30clock "3Quarter Val." .707
90*, 3clock "Full Val." N/A

B. For the advanced shooter that can grade wind direction with more precision:

Wind direction (Degree/clock), Term, Sine
0*, 12 clock "No Value" N/A
30*, 1 clock "Half Val." .5
45*, 1:30clock "3/4 Val." .707
60*, 2 clock "7/8 val." .866
90*, 3 clock "Full value" N/A

This way the wind name communicates the required sine and their is no confusion.

If we split hairs no "3/4 value is not EXACTLY .707" and the same for "7/8 Value" these decimal places ares so close that if the shooter can't remember the exact sine, he can multiply full wind data by the direction of the call/term of the wind and it introduce no error noticeable on target as the difference of these decimal places are minuscule on target.

I seriously suggest every LR educational institution take on this new terminology ASAP.


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