Don't Count Clicks

I do not know if itʼs blatantly obvious but once you have your firing solution we can either hold or correct for POA/POI.We got that-

But I did not tell you YOU DONʼT COUNT CLICKS on your scope turret. For long range shooting we use scopes that have tall, large exposed (i.e. typically not capped) scope turrets. As I told you come up 35 MOA for most conventional rifles and youʼll likely be “on paper” @ 1000 yards. But no real long range shooter counts clicks, regardless of the range they are wanting correct for (Unless your required to shoot after dark.)

Imagine. You roll up looking to shoot on the 1k yd. range for the first time. You remember the slobberinʼ ,canʼt spell, funny looking redneck in the BPS conference room said 35 minutes elevation or so would get you on paper @ 1000 yds. Fine you know your scope (is supposed to have) .25minute clicks*. (*Most common set up.)

Simple math! 35 minutes x 4 “clicks” per Min = 140 clicks. So you commence to counting all those clicks. Well itʼs probably a good thing your counting clicks after all because by now that your almost done counting all the clicks it has gotten dark, the crickets are chirping and the only ones with you. The match is over, you canʼt see to shoot anyways and all the guys are having dinner @ the mexican joint telling lies about why the did so poorly at the shoot!

DONʼT COUNT CLICKS! Itʼs just too slow and impractical in general. Your scope has a printed scale on the turret. Big numbered lines and little hash marksjust like a ruler or tape measure. The big numbered lines are whole minutes (on a minute based scope.) The little lines between are 1/4 minutes.

So letʼs say the big, numbered lines on your scope turret begin with a -0- line and you have a “1” line, a “2” line, a “3” line a “4” line and a “5” line.

So this means 1 complete turn of your turret moves you 6 moa.

(Starting out with it sitting on 0/zero: moving from 0-5 = 5 moa then on around to 0 again = 6 minutes per full turns.)

So back to our scenario. You recall that the incredibly handsome, manly-man lady killer guy that taught you in the BPS conference room told you that 35 minutes worth of elevation would get most conventional, 200 yard zeroʼd rifles “on paper” @ 1k yards. (depending on Atmosphere)

Don't Count ClicksWell if six complete turns of the elevation knob dials on 6 moa, and your looking for 35 minutes- Just grab that turret and turn it 5 complete revolutions in “up elevation” than your zero, and then on around to the 5 line* and be done in like 3 seconds already! ; ]

*turning complete turns from 0 all the way around back to 0 = up 6 moa.
Do this 5 times: 5 turns x 6 moa per turn = 30 moa
Then go on around again and land on the “5” line. 30moa from above + 5 = 35moa.

So there ya go.

Here are some videoʼs, at least watch the Burris video on Parallax. It will be a great visual.


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